NiMa Lindner singer/songwriter, drummer and guitarist, songtexter and producer of her own music.
...on stage solo or with band. 


German Rock & Pop Award 2015:
  • 1st place "Best alternative singer 2015"
  • 3rd place "Best alternative song 2015" (FIGHT FOR)

German Rock & Pop Award 2016:
  • 3rd place "Best alternative album 2016"
  • 3rd place "Best alternative song 2016" (MEMORIES)


  • Singer & Guitarist for the band "FOXGLOVE".
1997 - 2002:
  • Singer, songwriter & guitarist for the Grunge-Rock Band „Bufo alvaruis“. One year guitarist for the Rock-Pop-Band „Just for Fun“.
2002 - 2007:
  • With the guitar in tow sologigs at various locations (Canada, New York, Italy, Spain ...)
2007 - 2010:
  • Singer, songwriter & guitarist for „The Waves“.
  • Directed two music AG´s in a school in Moers.
  • Since spring 2010 female drummer for the band "The Demons".
  • Since 2010, Singer, songwriter and female drummer for the band "HardeZ", an alternative rock band with post-hardcore influences.
  • On 28 January 2011 jury member of "Rocktage West" in Falkenzentrum Essen Süd.
2011 - 2012:
  • Singer, songwriter and drummer in the band "I AM WANTED", an alternative rock band.
  • Still singer, songwriter and female drummer in the band "HardeZ".
  • In March 2012, Meet&Greet with the famous drummer Ray Luzier of KoRn (Offenbach near Frankfurt).
  • Since spring female drummer for the Asskick'n hardcore Blues-Rock Band "D.O.C."
  • The Beginning of the solo-project "NiMa Lindner".
  • Female drummer and singer for the bands HardeZ and D.O.C.
  • Recording Acoustic-Solo-Album.
  • In February - Release of solo debut album "need some voice".
  • Release of the second D.O.C album "Sweet Dykes And Rotten Bikers".
  • Planning the second solo album.
  • In December '14: Disbanding of the D.O.C bluesrock band due to job changes of the bassist.
  • New Single of the solo project in process of planning.
  • January 6th: Release of the new single "Follow your dreams" (Single from upcoming album).
  • January 15th: Interview for radiostation Essen at Falkenstudio.
  • February 22nd: NiMa Lindner as guest at the red soundcouch for interview and unplugged session. (A new music format of author and singer Markus Grimm of Nu Pagadi.)
  • March: Expansion of the solo-project.
  • April: Drummer for the Alternative Metal Band "AMENTIA".
  • May 16th: First LIVE radiosession at TIDE Radio, Hamburg.
  • NiMa Lindner in Colognes Musicstore catalog (Issue 2016/1, page 11).
  • NiMa Lindner is nominated for the final in the main category "German Singer Award" on December 12th at 33rd German Rock & Pop Award 2015.
  • 12nd December: NiMa Lindner gets awards as "best alternative singer" (1st place) and for the "best alternative song" (3rd place) at 33. German Rock & Pop Award 2015.
  • March 18th: Release of the new album "FOLLOW".
  • May: Winner of the bandcontest for a slot at Pfingstrausch festival in Haan.
  • NiMa Lindner changes the bandmembers (bass and drums).
  • Interview of NiMa Lindner in the Coolibri magazine (issue September 2016).
  • WDR2 radio station presents NiMa Linder´s song "Fight for" on Sept, 19th.
  • Radio Bochum presents NiMa Linder´s song "Fight for" and an interview with her on Sept, 24th.
  • Drummer for the italien singersongwriter Lupa Covella.
  • NiMa Lindner is nominated for the final in the main category "SingerSongwriter" and "Alternative Rock" on December 10th at 34th German Rock & Pop Award 2016.
  • 10th December: NiMa Lindner gets two awards 3rd place as "Best alternative album 2016"and "best alternative song" for MEMORIES at 34th German Rock & Pop Award 2016.
  • After 9 concerts in the first half of 2017, NiMa Lindner will now take a break until the end of the year. Furthermore she wants to focus on new stuff, writing new songs. She recordes the drum tracks for the Italien singersongwriter Lupa Covella in the CKB Recording Studio.
  • First plans for a next EP in 2018.
  • New support of bandmembers.